Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The question is not where we are, but what direction are we heading.
Good morning to all. Very important day today and significant as well. Today we show people around the world just how powerful our voice is. We show the world, our voice to vote is more effective in changing the course of our nation in a civilized manner, with no riots or mass demonstrations.
Today our voice to vote means more for our country and for the well being of the people, more than ever before in... our history. Many will disagree, but our nation is heading closer and closer over a waterfall and unless we do something and throw a life line for Uncle Sam, our nation will not be the same as we knew it. Heck, it is getting to the point that people can't even display our nation's flag anymore, because it is offensive? We can't have this. This is our nation. Let's get out and vote. Voice your vote and do not say it makes no difference. Yes it does. When we have fear of being Christians and censored to mention God or mention the name of Jesus Christ. Yes it does make a difference. 
Voice your vote, when all that is good is now bad and what is bad is now good, yes your vote counts. When we have officials that embrace Sharia law and refuse our Constitution, yes your vote counts.
So today, do not be lazy. Get up, get out and make your voice count.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Putin at Valdai - World Order: New Rules or a Game without Rules (FULL V...

Vladimir Putin does a rare livestream event with Russia Today and unloads upon the ‘New World Order’. With the leader of a major power unleashing upon what was once called a ‘conspiracy theory’, will Americans sit up and take notice or continue in their slumber? Fortunately, there are many who are paying attention and Putin promises to speak bluntly and to speak truthfully here within: We need some harsh and blunt conversation, we are told, as the world is rapidly changing, everyone can see it, and it’s becoming much more dangerous for us all Putin warns

Will this world that is evolving around us be a world of NEW rules, or NO rules? As long as individual liberty lives on forever, and governments across the world CORRECTLY return to their ONLY TRUE role as humanity’s subservient servants, this ‘new world’ will be a world we can ALL live peacefully within.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Zero Hedge: “They know Baghdad. They’ve lived in Baghdad,” said Lt.Col Oliver North, warning over the weekend that sources in Iraq believed ISIS was planning a “major attack” against the embassy in Baghdad. Yesterday we get some confirmation – via ISIS – that they did in fact reportedly strike the U.S. embassy in Baghdad. As Inquisitr reports, on Tuesday the Islamist militant group took credit for a mortar attack against the embassy in Baghdad. The group bragged about the attack on social media, claiming that there were likely casualties - “Four rockets strike Green Zone in #Baghdad; helicopters hovering over the Green Zone; ambulances heading that way after strikes!!” one ISIS militant noted on Twitter. As North concludes, “They are at the gates of Baghdad. They’re coming for us.”

MEMRI: Warning: Extremely Disturbing Images. Woman Stoned to Death by ISIS in Syria

MEMRI: Warning: Extremely Disturbing Images. Woman Stoned to Death by ISIS in Syria