Monday, December 8, 2014

Wall Street wages war on people

On September 11, 2001, we were attacked by Muslim terrorists in order to kill and inflict fear into the American people and the world, took place in one day, yet sadly jobs lost due to the “ECONOMIC TERROR ATTACK” by greedy and savage CEOs and financial entities, hiding, not in caves of Afghanistan, but right here in our own back yard, Wall Street, has been waging a slow and steady guerilla warfare, spread over a period of time, and affecting millions of people.
What happens when U.S manufacturing jobs are replaced by service jobs, as manufacturing jobs are being moved out of the U.S to other nations, is that our American workers are paid less in service jobs, and have to work two or three jobs to sustain their families, just to survive. However, such U.S corporations, their executives and the investors make unreasonable and undeserved amounts of money.
Cheap labor and lower costs abroad mean lower costs for the corporations. Prices are maintained or increased here in the United States, and the results are higher profits for the CEO terrorists, the rest of their allies, plus all of those who are involved in manipulating stock prices and similar depredations upon the people of the United Sates, make outrageous amount of money. We the people pay the piper, which is the bill for these relatively few people getting sickeningly large amounts of dollars at our expense.
Sadly our politicians who are working with the CEO terrorists argue that Americans now have more jobs available, in what is a service economy. Sure there are jobs, but they are jobs that pay way less, and people have to work two or three jobs while the basic family values are annihilated.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Veteran Of 2/506th Calls Out Fake Ranger At Oxford Valley Mall

Veteran Of 2/506th Calls Out Fake Ranger At Oxford Valley Mall

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Monday, November 24, 2014


Great news here!  A corrupt county board in Clark County Illinois just got arrested by two veterans in a citizen arrest!   In the video at the 1:50 mark you will hear one of the veterans ask if they are going to allow public comment.  They say No and then the veterans say they are going to do a citizen’s arrest of the board!   They basically start trying to laugh it off until they find out the cops are coming to arrest them!   Watch the cocky attorney lady trying to lie and say what they did was okay until she gets put in her place by the exact statute!   They arrest all board members except the one that did not vote to not allow comments!   It’s great to see a corrupt county board get put in their place thinking they can do  whatever they want and not all the people to speak!   This is called WINNING!  Spread the word so all the Boss Hogs are put on notice!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The question is not where we are, but what direction are we heading.
Good morning to all. Very important day today and significant as well. Today we show people around the world just how powerful our voice is. We show the world, our voice to vote is more effective in changing the course of our nation in a civilized manner, with no riots or mass demonstrations.
Today our voice to vote means more for our country and for the well being of the people, more than ever before in... our history. Many will disagree, but our nation is heading closer and closer over a waterfall and unless we do something and throw a life line for Uncle Sam, our nation will not be the same as we knew it. Heck, it is getting to the point that people can't even display our nation's flag anymore, because it is offensive? We can't have this. This is our nation. Let's get out and vote. Voice your vote and do not say it makes no difference. Yes it does. When we have fear of being Christians and censored to mention God or mention the name of Jesus Christ. Yes it does make a difference. 
Voice your vote, when all that is good is now bad and what is bad is now good, yes your vote counts. When we have officials that embrace Sharia law and refuse our Constitution, yes your vote counts.
So today, do not be lazy. Get up, get out and make your voice count.