Sunday, February 15, 2015

IS To Burn Alive 17 Kurdish Fighters

17 Kurdish fighters were paraded through an Iraqi city to be burned alive. ISIS states that they are planning to burn alive these 17 Kurdish fighters just as they did Jordanian pilot Lieutenant Muath al-Kaseasbeh.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My year end 2014 venting.

As 2014 comes to a close, and leaving behind much chaos and calamity, we are about to enter a New Year and new hope?  I don't think so.  2015 will be a year of UNEXPECTED and UNCONTROLLABLE events. 

Right before our eyes, we see a super-division of the world, a separation into major groups -- the developed and the developing world. The rich and the poor. The developed world and the elite rich, usurps and wastes three-quarters of the world's food and 83 per cent of the resources. The Third World, as it is called, has to make do with the rest. As a result, 38 million people are, at this moment, starving to death in a world with a huge surplus of food. We have a 10 per cent per capita surplus of food in the world, so no one need starve.

From almost every point of view the situation facing people everywhere, here in the Unites States and the world, grows daily more painful. The economic chaos resulting from years of unlicensed greed and heartless competition lays waste the honest toil and aspiration of countless millions. On the whole, people of money go blithely on, their treasure intact, while men and women in every country face joblessness, poverty and fear. More accurate readings of climatic changes show people how close this planet is to irreversible calamity, and alarm bells sound loudly on many political fronts, raising to new levels the factor of stress.

How much more of this tension can humanity bear? For how long will people in the United States and the world accept, mildly, their fate? Desperate people do desperate deeds and already in their minds, if not yet in their actions, many contemplate revolution.
Over the last two decades, there has been a buildup of a deep frustration within the vast majority of people. There is anger, and a feeling of betrayal. Everyone agrees that the United States of America, is the greatest country in the world, but the feeling is that our elected public officials are slowly bringing the United States to her knees. Complaints are everywhere heard. From our most considerate and virtuous citizens, equally the friends of private and public faith, and of public and personal liberty, that our government is too unstable, and the public good is disregarded in the conflict of rival parties, and of personal gains. Measures are too often decided, not according to the rules of justice and the rights of the minor party, but by the superior force of an interested, and overbearing majority.
It is sad, but yet very disturbing to know, that most of the time our government is dictated by the major and powerful corporations. It seems that the CEOs and board members that reside on Wall Street are more influential and powerful than Congress. Actually the members of Congress are nothing but puppets, and the puppet masters control them from Wall Street.
Not so long ago, members of Congress were real people, with real jobs, in real communities throughout the country. They played an integral part in the civic, economic, and social affairs of their constituencies. They went to Washington temporarily, and then they came back home.  For all practical purposes, today’s members of Congress consider Washington their home. When they do decide to go back to their communities, back to their constituents, they act like tourists in their own district. We must restore Congress back to a citizen legislature, and not just a bunch of bureaucrats.
It costs over one billion dollars a year to run Congress itself. Members of Congress make an average of $175,000.00 a year as federal employees. The Congressmen/women make many times more than their constituents, and they have the nerve to ask for pay raises because they commute, and have overnight excursions? But the problem is not just a matter of Government expense or Congressional pay, but a matter of function, and faithful representation.
People from all parts of the country, black, white, male, female, young, old, republican, democrat, feel that Congress has lost touch with the real world, and as to what role it should play. Sometimes one wonders, because the opposite of “pro is con”, so does this mean that Congress is opposite of progress?  The Congressional role is to represent the people on major policy decisions, to translate the public will into public law on matters of national and international importance. Congress as an institution should go to the people a great deal more often. There is no law that states that every Congressional meeting must be in Washington. A few hearings or meetings should be scheduled in other parts of the country.
There would be plenty of positive benefits for taking the Congressional show on the road. Our Congressmen, our elected officials, will get a firsthand understanding of dioxin, or a shutdown steel mill can do to his or her community. Holding meetings and hearings outside Washington could also increase their grass roots character, and encourage greater and broader citizen participation.
A member of Congress does not have to be in Washington every day in order to be a conscientious and skillful legislator, and he or she can’t be in Washington every day and remain truly a representative to the people back home.
What does this all mean? Simple. Our public officials must take care of the United States, and its citizens. A strong economy will create strong families, and that creates a high level of human nature.